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Vote by March 5th!

Your vote has a big impact: County Supervisors and City Councilors are the ones who decide whether local projects like the Rail & Trail move forward.

We asked the candidates their views on electric rail, the rail trail, and pedestrian and cycling safety. Tap the candidates to see their full answers.

For help finding your districts: 

Santa Cruz County - 1st District
Lani Faulkner
Manu Koenig
Santa Cruz County 2nd District
02 County 02 Kristen.png
Kim De Serpa
Bruce Jaffe
David Schwartz
Tony Crane
Santa Cruz County 5th District
Theresa Bond
Christopher Bradford
Tom Decker
Monica Martinez
City of Santa Cruz 1st District
David Tannaci
Gabriela Trigueiro
City of Santa Cruz 2nd District
Sonja Brunner
Hector Marin
City of Santa Cruz 3nd District
Shebreh Kolantari-Johnson
Joy Schendledecker
City of Santa Cruz 5th District
Joe Thompson
Susie O'Hara
Friends of the Rail & Trail does not endorse any candidates. However, we are committed to discovering candidate positions and sharing them with the public so we can all make informed choices at the ballot box.
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