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Friends of the Rail & Trail

Founded in 2002, Santa Cruz County Friends of the Rail & Trail is a volunteer powered non-profit organization that advocates for transforming the 32-mile Coastal Rail Corridor into a trail and rail transit system that increases choice, reduces environmental impact, and supports a vital economy.


The Friends of the Rail & Trail volunteers engage with our neighbors across the county to share information about our local rail & trail opportunities.

We work with local, state, and federal leaders on policy and funding for rail and trail in Santa Cruz County.

We connect with a global network of active transportation leaders to educate ourselves about the best practices for rail and bus transit, safe streets and trails.

Our Team

It’s no secret that Friends of the Rail & Trail is powered by volunteers, but did you know the pulse of all this organizing comes from the all-volunteer Board of Directors? Our Board Members are in charge of guiding the FORT mission. They donate their time and skills for hours every week, bringing the Rail & Trail to life! With 50% of the trail on the way to construction and Rail Service being planned, there’s plenty to do this year.

Our Values

  • Accurate: Present data-driven, fact-based up-to-date information, status, and studies on the rail and trail project.

  • Friendly: remove barriers so our neighbors feel welcome participating in the public process.

  • Inclusive: Build coalitions with diverse groups from labor to business, from students to seniors, to create a better transportation future for all.

  • Proactive: Stay on top of trends in the active transportation space and communicate those to local leaders and the community.

  • Positive: Work toward a climate-friendly, world-class car-optional transportation system that will serve the needs of Santa Cruz  County residents for decades to come

  • Thoughtful: Listening to all members of the community regardless of age, race, ability, occupation, locale or work.

Community Support

Take Action


Help Bring the Rail & Trail to Life

Get involved in making a completed rail and trail route through the county a reality.

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